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Success Story: Stretched Clusters


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  • Start Q4 / 2018


Construction of a Stretched Cluster at 2 Munich data center locations

Interview with Christian Stahl and Martin Gilch, board members BitPoint AG

A stretched cluster, what can the reader imagine?

The BitPoint® Stretched Cluster based on the VMware vSAN Stretched Cluster is a deployment model that distributes virtualization hosts to our geographically separated data centers Munich I and Munich II.
The aim of the Stretched Cluster is to maintain the operation in the event of disruptions at the Data Center Munich I.
For this purpose, the booked resources for the respective customers are also reserved in the Data Center Munich II and data is mirrored in real time.

That sounds like a high realization effort. Did EMC HostCo enter the game as a new partner at this point?

Yes, exactly, the effort is high and requires as stated above a physically separate second data center location if you want to realize it correctly, so the highest available. Much depends on a clean project management where the EMC HostCo was there where we needed it.

What led to the project decision?

After power outages at our existing data center operator and the resulting availability restrictions, we urgently needed to find a solution that would meet our requirements for maximum fail-safe solutions, thereby eliminating downtimes for our customers in the future.
Although our own infrastructure was always fully redundant, we ourselves had to experience a blackout that completely escaped our sphere of influence as the systems were in one data center.
After numerous considerations, we decided, in consultation with our customers, to set up our VMware vSAN Stretched Cluster across geographically independent sites.

So another new data center, to set up the DualSite cluster?

That's right, another data center had to be found for the realization of our DualSite cluster. Of course, we have paid special attention to the uninterruptible power supply.
However, the necessary proximity to our first Munich data center presented us with a challenge, since a connection between the two data centers should be established with their own fully redundant DarkFibre ring. Only through the special constellation of lines and distance is it possible to mirror the data in real time across both data centers.

Architecture of the BitPoint Dual Site Cluster

So you realize a permanent full-synchronous reflection of the data via your own dark fiber ring?

Yes, and not enough! The VMware vSAN Stretched Cluster requires in our "concept of maximum availability" a so-called WitnessSite as a third component, ie a geographically independent location that monitors the two VMware clusters in the data centers and in case of failure the machines in the VMware cluster of the Data Center Munich II automatically starts. In addition, the Frankfurt DC also serves as SiteRecovery, which our customers can optionally book as DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service). Ideally, we could quickly and easily connect the Frankfurt DC via DE-CIX, which is based at EMC HostCo.

That sounds like an exciting last year! How is your interim conclusion?

150% work until everything went as planned, 100% correct decision and 0% downtime.

About Bitpoint AG:

For more than 20 years, BitPoint AG has stood for sophisticated and scalable hosting solutions for companies and agencies. Modern architectures and leading technology guarantee maximum performance and failure safety. As one of the first companies in Germany, the company has fully implemented its own hosting platform as a full-service Internet service provider with VMware.

IaaS and cloud solutions have been part of BitPoint AG's range of services since 2005.

Today, with its years of experience in the field of VMware virtualization, BitPoint assists companies of all sizes with individual cloud solutions and managed services as a reliable partner.

For business-relevant processes, HA solutions are available in the company's VMware vSAN Stretched Cluster, which extends across geographically independent locations in Munich and Frankfurt.

In addition, BitPoint offers fail-safe high-speed connections and location networking (managed VPN / MPLS), for example based on Viprinet technology.

BitPoint is a member of the Ripe NCC, DENIC, ecoVerband and Decix.

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