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The regional Internet service provider Global Access , represented by its CEO Manfred Kessler, in an interview with EMC HostCo about an effective dual data center strategy and the cloud market - "Made in Germany".

Interview with Manfred Kessler, CEO Global Access

Manfred Kessler,
    CEO Global Access

How long has your company been on the market, and for how many years have you been offering data center or colocation services?

Global Access was founded in late 1995 as one of the first Internet service providers in Munich. Initially, we served customers in our own office in Araballepark with a converted space as a mini data center. As requirements grew, so in the late 1990s we decided to do what many customers do today to maintain maximum availability, safety and performance at the best cost. And who can count, knows that this is the case: We rented in an external RZ location.

Why did you choose EMC HostCo GmbH as the basis for one of your two data center locations?

In addition to our main location, we had several attempts in the past to establish ourselves in a second location. We had the same experience twice:
1. The location could not provide any extension that we wanted to continue growing in.
2. The provider internally restructured itself and costs should double in one fell swoop.

So we searched geographically in the north of Munich for an alternative. In addition to future expansion opportunities for further growth and the consolidation as the second main location for the same distribution of our services, we liked you very much that you moved to and as a customer and wanted to understand us. They made the right offer. We also greatly appreciate that you are focusing purely on the operation of the data center area. Other "general merchants" often shun the focus and thus the willingness to make the right decisions for the future in the data center area and, if necessary, to invest properly and more.

Which USPs do you offer as a service provider?

We use the "Dual Data Center" approach with all our products. Colocation customers can rent from us in both dc´s in Munich and build a highly available environment. You can relate the connections between the data centers in different ways. The Global Access Cloud products are also built on this basis. In this way, we enable maximum availability with high performance at the same time, by synchronously mirroring the locations and using a "stretched virtualisation cluster". We are the only service provider in Germany that has certified its cloud not only on ISO but also on IT Grundschutz BSI. No one else does. Some BSIs are certified, but the term virtualization is not used by anyone else.BSI certified RZ area can provide.

Although we are ISO 27001 certified, we are not BSI certified. How do you manage to implement the certification in our building?

The certifications extend to a so-called scope. We included all our DC areas in it. That's why everything in this area is audited during the audit. Even if you are not BSI certified, we are in our own area within your building. And what do you call that beautiful: Data Center in the Data Center.

How do you manage to differentiate yourself from vendors like Amazon, which offer the cloud primarily through the low price in the market?

Amazon is not that cheap. At the Amazon Summit in Berlin, I heard an interesting sentence from an Amazon AWS training company: "The reason you go to Amazon is the price. The reason why one leaves Amazon is the price. " Many costs are hidden with this provider.

What is the difference between, if not the price?

The most important distinguishing features are:

Real high availabilityFrom the Infrastructure Level: If the customer's application has high availability built in, then it can run its application almost anywhere in the world. But almost all applications have limited possibilities to produce such a high availability even to the last link. When it comes to storage availability, it usually stops. But that is the most important element! For us, the synchronously mirrored storage infrastructure between our two data centers delivers this module by default. But all other components, such as switching to configuration-mirrored, redundant firewall / security services, automatic rerouting of Internet connections and the use of additional computing capacity must be fully automated in case of failure. Because let's face it: when it "pops", then the customer has completely different worries, for example, than the database on the other site running again from the LOGs and the last time-shifted replica hinzubekommen. The client receives from us what the law demands: Disaster Recovery for companies that rely on IT.

And of course: "Made in Germany". Many do not really want to hear that in Germany. But abroad one knows: "The Germans do it right". We have international customers who want to serve German customers with German services. Also, the topic of NSA plays a role. Certainly, other secret services can be active. But no important German company wants to lose face and present the matter as if nothing could be done anyway. Many take the concerns of the population seriously and therefore opt for alternative providers. With an average of 150% growth in the cloud sector in a 12-month average over the last few quarters, this trend is clearly showing.

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