Competencies and Services:

In a nutshell

Competencies and Services

For colocation in its best form

Our services:

  • Formulated from customer needs
  • Unbureaucratic and fast
  • Customer and project related
  • Focused on colocation

Our competencies – whether sophisticated colocation models, perfect connectivity, but also our services - such as intelligent pricing models, customer-friendly procedures and processes - to name only a few - are all geared towards one goal:

To meet the requirements of the "Home of Housing" approach in the best possible way:

"We always want to be better and more innovative than you know and expect from a data center operator - that is the core of the Home of Housing philosophy." (G. Hahn, CTO EMC HostCo)


The 3C Connect, Carrier and Cloud strategy

We solve your requirements vendor neutral.

The 3C Connect, Carrier and Cloud strategy
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Housing rates Fix, Flex, and Pro

The choice is yours: The EMC HostCo Housing tariff models.

Housing rates Fix, Flex, and Pro
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Data center services

Your need formulates our answer.

Data center services
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Customer Information and Ticket System (CITS)

Information about your DC and your tickets.

Customer Information and Ticket System (CITS)
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We check your data center

On site, without obligation and free of charge.

We check your data center
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Competence Colocation: how EMC HostCo defines it on Campus DC MUC I.

The Home of Housing Colocation Model

The core competence of the EMC HostCo is to combine different colocation models with the technical and spatial conditions at our data center campus DC MUC I in a perfect way to the so-called home of housing model .

Just click through the following graphics and get to know the 5 variants of our Home of Housing model in detail.

  • Colocation, base
  • Redundant Connection
  • Campus Redundant Connect
  • Home of Housing
  • HoH Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Lower investment as own data center
  • Good data connections
  • Highly available operation of infrastructures


Colocation, base

A customer outsources his IT to production or backup services in a data center.

The data center operator provides data connection, electricity and air conditioning as well as access protection and monitoring in accordance with the SLA.

  • Higher flexibility and availability of data connections
  • Potential for optimizing costs for carriers
  • MeetMe structures of the data center operator for cross-connects (carrier neutrality)
  • DE-CIX Enabled Site

Redundant Connection

The customer connects his IT redundantly, via several carriers and possibly DE-CIX in our house.

Due to the large number of carriers and the on-site presence of the DE-CIX, the customer receives a multitude of possible supply offers in terms of price and performance.

Cross connects to partners, carriers and DE-CIX are typically realized within 24 hours at low cost by EMC HostCo.

  • Highest availability of the data connection
  • Separate fire section, separate extinguishing systems
  • Separate power supply (UPS, batteries, distributions)
  • Separate room air conditioning
  • Low costs for maximum availability

Campus Redundant Connection

The customer distributes his (redundantly) connected IT to several supply areas (C -D) of the data center.

Because of the separate infrastructures in current air and extinguishing systems for a fault in the data center area C is not a failure in the area D can be expected. This is an important prerequisite for customers who want to operate systems with an availability of> 99.995% or have backup and mirrored operating models in use.

  • Access to numerous German in-house cloud providers
  • The next cloud is just an in-house patch, safe and inexpensive away.
  • Highly available operation of infrastructures under German data protection
  • Exclusive, SLA-secured express connections to external cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Aliba etc.)
  • Possibility of individual special connections

Home of Housing

In this model, we combine the aforementioned colocation models in the best and most unique way.

The customer extends the IT structures, his own IT, to the connections to the on-campus cloud and service providers (E - F), as well as exclusive Express connections to external Puplic Cloud providers.

Even individual special connections such as radio links can be realized on the campus.

Thus, he creates the possibility of hybrid and completely freely scalable structures in his ecosystem.

  • Maximum security for data and applications in the event of a disaster or disaster
  • Scalability as hot or cold, standby data center
  • Highly available operation of infrastructures
  • Datacenter Level Tier 3 (+)

Home of Housing Backup & Disaster Recovery

The customer requires the highest level of security for his applications and data through clear, physical separation outside the RZ Campus MUC I.

In the City Backup Datacenter with a distance above the triple spell area in the Munich South / East

In the disaster recovery data center in case of severe regional incidents with a distance to the MUC I of> 350km



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