The 3C Connect Carrier and Cloud Strategy

Connections for a digital world

The 3C strategy offers:

  • Strict provider neutrality
  • Connectivity hub
  • Own ecosystem
  • DE-CIX Enabled Site
  • Own metro ring
  • Own MeetMe structure
  • Fast cross connects
  • Exclusive Cloud Connects
  • Fair prices

EMC HostCo is one of Bavaria's leading connectivity hubs for the German economy and its digital needs, providing carrier and cloud-neutral solutions with its partners.

As an open DE-CIX Enabled Connectivity Hub, our customers decide for themselves which providers and carriers they want to work with. We provide these multiple, redundant and vendor neutral in our ecosystem.

A metro ring with direct connection to the two other Munich exchange nodes , as well as direct connections to Frankfurt and our geo-redundancy backup data center in Mutterstadt, are our gateway to the world of data.

Our neutrality - your advantage

  • Highest reliability through multiple and redundant connections
  • Healthy competition in performance and price through numerous providers at the Connectivity Hub
  • Easily switch between providers through EMC HostCo hosted MeetMe structures

Connect variants

The next business success is often just a patch away

We offer:
  • DE-CIX Enabled Site
  • In-house patch with 24 hours realization time
  • Fair patch and connect conditions
  • Cloud Connect, private and secure access to public cloud providers
  • Own Metroring with direct connection to the two Munich exchange nodes
  • Several separate carrier and meet me rooms and feeders
  • Additional Gbit / s peerings at INXS and DE-CIX and DE-CIX Frankfurt

"For me, EMC HostCo is the reference in the data center market in terms of speed and realization of cross-connects".
(C.Schoene, Head of Data Center InterNetX)

Cloud solutions

Local and international providers are ready for you

EMC HostCo provides a perfect framework for developing custom cloud strategies.
  • Public Inhouse Clouds of leading German provider onsite
  • Cloud providers - whether BSI-certified or cost-focused  
  • Connection to all relevant international providers - via Cloud Connect
  • Strict neutrality and equality between the providers
  • Formulate your cloud needs using our Checklist Ready4Cloud
Private cloud solutions
  • Up and down scalable Ready4Cloud racks - redundant from 3kW to 12kW, step-by-step bookable
  • Ready4Cloud Cage with own access from 3-26 racks
  • Realization within 4 weeks (availability required)
  • Platforms from local, also BSI-certified, German cloud providers - directly in our data center
  • Cloud-suitable geo-redundancy solutions (distance> 350 km)

If you believe that your mission-critical data and applications will continue to run in your dedicated private cloud and colocation environment - or run exclusively for you by our private cloud providers in our house.

Public cloud solutions
  • In-house solutions of leading German cloud providers according to European data protection
  • IAAS, SAAS, PAAS, solutions, flexible and scalable book
  • Private Express connection via Cloud Connect to international cloud providers such as Alibaba, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Softlayer etc.

Your company is focused on maximum scalability and speed and would like to invest as little as possible in its own hardware.

Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Combination of both solutions (private and public)
  • Numerous in-house clouds, just a patch away from the customer
  • Ideal use of the EMC HostCo DE-CIX Enabled Connectivity hub
  • Chance for the optimal balance of security and costs

The right solution if you can combine your colocation needs with the possibilities of a public cloud in terms of cost, availability and security.

Learn about our " Home of Housing " approach to understand the full potential of our solutions for your business.

Carrier services

Maximum availability, network and provider neutral

  • Regional, national and international Tier 1 carriers form the backbone of the connections
  • Strict neutrality and equality between the providers
  • Redundant, active and passive connections switched
  • No dependency on a particular internet provider
  • All IP providers in Greater Munich can be used in the Connectivity Hub
  • Currently available bandwidth around 4 Tbit / s

Define your connectivity requirements using our Ready2connect checklist .

EMC HostCo is carrier neutral

Whether local, national or international carriers, the choice of network operators lies solely with our customers. This has created a broad base of connectivity opportunities for customers, network operators and service providers over the past few years that today form the backbone of our carrier-neutral DE-CIX Enabled Connectivity Hub .

From the multiplicity of offerers and competition not only fast and uncomplicated, but also low-priced answers to every Konnektivitätsanforderung arise. We offer all network operators accommodation in several separate carrier rooms and meet-me structures.

The 3C Connect Carrier and Cloud Strategy

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