Housing area in rank and file

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) up to 99.999%
  • 2-14 racks in a rack row up to 12kW per rack *
  • Several fire sections
  • Fix and Flex models available
  • Biometrically secured areas
  • Connection to the connectivity hub
  • Carrier-neutral support for data services
  • Various locking systems available
  • 24x7 access
  • Project support by EMC HostCo

* subject to availability

Your company is looking for the opportunity to operate your systems in one of the largest mobile data hubs in a professional, highly available environment at attractive conditions.

Then we recommend our colocation model.

EMC HostCo is perfectly prepared for this requirement, regardless of whether you want to operate primary, redundancy or backup systems in our company.

Our colocation model is especially aimed at Internet portals, business continuity applications and classic IT outsourcing projects with highest availability requirements.

High energy densities of up to 12kW per rack and a contractually guaranteed availability of up to 99.999%.

Project implementation by EMC HostCo is usually only a few weeks. Subsequently, your racks are connected to our Connectivity Hub on one or more biometrically secured, high availability colocation areas.

Access rules and individual locking systems regulate how you get to your systems 24/7.

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Colocation: exactly tailored to your business

Colocation is the cost effective way to accommodate your systems in our data center:

Ideal between 2 - 50 racks and needs to operate in separate coverage areas of the data center campus.

Your racks are located in biometrically secured areas under video-surveillance and can be connected directly to our Connectivity Hub with its diverse carrier and cloud-neutral connectivity options. An annual availability of up to 99.999% can be contractually agreed.

Uninterrupted air conditioning and power supply of your racks are designed in N + 1 or 2N + 1.
We provide up to 12kW * of power redundant per rack. Your racks have a width between 60 - 80 cm and a depth of 120 cm as a default, so that you can accommodate any standard server and networking equipment.

By strictly separating warm and cold air, your systems can be operated highly efficiently.
If you want an individual rack locking system, we can offer several variants for this as well.

The exact energy consumption is provided monthly. Energy management and cabinet monitoring are optionally possible using the EMC HostCo CITSystem .

You can access your racks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have full access to the defined services and services of EMC HostCo.

Project implementation by EMC HostCo is usually only a few weeks.

We accompany you through the entire relocation project and, if you wish, we can provide you with specialized professionals for relocation and setup questions.

"The planning period was effective for 8 weeks, with the biggest challenge being network planning with backup redundancy. The network infrastructure was put into operation before the move and tested accordingly (eg failover, etc.). Due to our many years of experience in such projects, the implementation was not a problem and was implemented easily and successfully in the timeframe provided. Important services were relocated to another of our data center locations during the move. "
(J. Schumann, CEO Net-D-Sign)


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