Air conditioning

Maximum supply reliability with high efficiency

  • Redundant cooling network
  • State-of-the-art environmentally friendly refrigeration systems
  • Room cooling units and mains pumps UPS buffered *
  • Additional adiabatic and emergency cooling systems
  • Realization according to DIN EN 50600

Modern IT infrastructures consist of highly energy-intensive components, which rely on permanent and appropriate cooling during operation. EMC HostCo provides a perfectly designed cooling concept in an ideal building.

In the windowless solid reinforced concrete construction with 60cm thick walls , a redundant cooling network is provided to supply the server rooms and technical areas. The cold producing aggregates are visible and access protected in about 30m height on the campus area.

State-of-the-art cooling systems with their redundant designs guarantee supply reliability and contribute with their PPUE (Partial Power Usage Effectivness) of less than 1.18 to the high efficiency of the entire system.

The cooling units in the server rooms and main pumps are UPS-buffered * and designed according to DIN EN 50600.
Adiabatic and emergency cooling systems represent further safeguards and efficiency measures.

* Not all DC areas are equipped the same

Data Center Air Conditioning at EMC HostCo

Always stay cool

True to this motto, we ensure a highly fail-safe but also highly efficient cooling of the connected data center areas up to well over 40 ° C outside temperature.

As our customers typically operate high availability applications, we place the primary focus on 100% availability of air conditioning.

For this reason, we operate all climate components at least in an N + 1 or a 2N + 1 dimensioning on redundant power supplies and autonomously controlled by a building management system.

In server rooms, regardless of whether they are operated as a colocation area, cloud cages or PDC, we ensure consistent separation of cold and warm air by enclosing the servers and a raised floor height of up to 125 cm. This achieves an optimal air flow while avoiding hotspots, as is clearly shown in the film.

Case Study White Air Conditioning

Project: Room air conditioning for HD data center areas using CoolW@lls ®

Large data center areas are cooled by EMC HostCo using CoolW@lls ®. This cooling system achieves a very high energy efficiency due to its disproportionately large cooling registers, combined with an intelligent control and particularly energy-saving fans.

The system is designed in our infrastructure to heat loads up to 2,500W per square meter in the data center and built at least in N + 1 availability.

This innovative, award-winning cooling system has been consistently adapted to the conditions and needs in our company.

Thus, the cooling registers are not in the data center areas, but in approx. 5 - 8 m height, in compliance with physical laws. For maintenance purposes, you do not have to enter the customer's data center area or private data center (PDC).

"It is a pleasure for us to implement our CoolW @ ll solution in such a reference environment with our partner EMC HostCo and receive valuable input for our further development." (M. Köster, Weiss Klimatechnik)

You can request our detailed DC description Munich I here comfortably .

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