DC security

Safety First - safety without compromise

  • Windowless solid reinforced concrete construction
  • No flood or earthquake area
  • No undercutting
  • Traffic-free area
  • Video surveillance fence
  • No unauthorized access
  • Secured and monitored biometrically by means of GLT
  • Safety zones according to DIN EN 50600
  • Electronic rack locking systems *
  • 24/7 occupied

Data centers place high demands on physical security in relation to the building and its location, as well as the access and monitoring systems used.

Our DC campus is located in the north of Munich, in a traffic-calmed zone of a business park. Earthquakes and flood hazards are excluded in the region. The campus is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The mostly windowless multi-storey building in solid reinforced concrete construction has no sub-excavations and has a video-monitored fence in the access area.

The safety zones are defined according to DIN EN 50600 in class SK4 . All data center areas are biometrically secured, video-monitored and equipped with separation systems. Only approved entrees or accesses after registration, including complete logging, will take place.

* Upon request, racks can be connected to our centrally administered electronic rack locking system.

What our customers say about data center security at EMC Hostco:

Safety First - about clear rules and specifications

DC security has its price - with good reason!

We define case-related security objectives with our customers based on their individual requirements and wishes in the area of ​​security, surveillance and access.

Whether setting up a PrivateCage, checking customer premises, communicating key figures and values, etc. The security requirements of our customers depend on many factors. Solutions for this are based on our safety standards and their processes defined by the ISO 27001 and DIN EN 50600 standards.

For example, we place a high value on a complete motion protocol in the data center.

The 24/7 monitoring of non-permanent authorized persons in the data center by operating personnel is an indispensable measure from our security guidelines.

As part of the EMC HostCo service and services , we provide these for our customers in various models.

You can request our detailed DC description Munich I here comfortably .

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