Fire protection

Separate extinguishing and fire protection zones for maximum safety

  • Several separate extinguishing systems
  • Number of individual fire protection areas> 10
  • Early fire detection by means of VESDA
  • Area-wide fire alarm network
  • Direct fire brigade circuit
  • Design according to DIN EN 50600 and VdS
  • ¼ annual maintenance and tests
  • Workday safety inspection

The topic of fire protection is of particular importance in data centers, since the use of high energy and fires can have fatal consequences and can lead to the failure of entire infrastructures.

Several extinguishing areas and gas extinguishing systems, an overlapping area-wide fire alarm network, as well as highly sensitive early detection devices (VESDA), which are designed in accordance with DIN EN 50600 and VdS, protect the various data center areas and, if necessary, initiate an extinguishing process and alert the fire brigade.

The colocation areas and server rooms are distributed over more than 10 fire protection areas and supplied with separate extinguishing systems.

Day-to-day security inspections visually inspect assets and remove unnecessary fire loads from server rooms. 1/4 annual maintenance and system tests serve to test the functional safety and ensure the highly available operation of the fire protection systems.

The systems are VdS-tested and approved by TÜV Süd and therefore comply with the highest safety standards. The entire system is connected to the fire department.

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Completely separate fire and extinguishing areas

The EMC HostCo offers a unique selling proposition for their colocation customers in the field of fire protection.

As part of our in-house campus solution, customers have the option of accommodating their technical equipment in completely separate fire and extinguishing areas and connecting them via an in-house connection.

Thus, in case of fire in one customer area, there is a high probability of no impact in another customer area, and redundant systems remain online.

Today we have 10 extinguishing areas with 3 self-sufficient gas extinguishing systems.

"Nobody ever wants to experience it and yet we always have to be prepared for a fire." (W. Steinbach, CEO Fa. Steinbach)

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