Power supply

Multiple redundant systems for maximum operational safety

  • Several building feeders
  • Own transformer stations in the house
  • Two-path power distribution
  • Netting replacement systems (NEA)
  • Separate UPS systems
  • Load and emergency tests
  • Version according to DIN EN 50600
  • Own photovoltaic system
  • 100% green electricity from hydropower

100% available - 100% green

The EMC DC campus is powered by separate, exclusive 10kV lines in its own substations and routed in two paths through a cascading distribution system to the customer's IT.

In the event of power outages, several grid replacement and UPS systems (N + 1 or 2N + 1) are available for uninterrupted load transfer.

Multiple load and emergency tests defined over the year help prepare for network outages.

The systems of the power supply are designed in accordance with DIN EN 50600 at least in class VK3, and are also powered by its own photovoltaic system with power.

The additional energy required is 100% TÜV certified green electricity.

Our detailed DC-description Munich I with further details you can comfortably request here .

"Just as we humans need air to breath, a data center needs electrical energy to function." (P. Koeberle, master electrician)

How the energy comes to the customer

Basically, the infrastructures of the customers are powered by the raised floor of the server rooms and separate supply feeds (A / B).

The customer defines the required power consumption. From this, the number of circuits per supply feed is derived. Colocation, Rackhousing, and PrivateCage customers receive their own counts per circuit to accurately determine energy usage.

Racks are supplied with 3, 6, 9 or 12kW redundant. Each supply feed (A / B) is powered by its own UPS.

"The power supply at EMC HostCo stands out in particular due to the logical and stringent design" (H. Gschwandner, HPE)

Campus solution EMC HostCo

Direct customer benefit without additional costs

Each of today's 3 DC campus units has a completely separate power supply. So we offer the possibility that customers can operate their setups in separate rooms, by means of separate power supply systems, independently of each other.

This is especially important for in-house mirrored systems (hot or cold), standby backup applications, an important prerequisite and invaluable advantage.

More information and additional benefits can be found in detail under:
The Home of Housing Model .

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