Wie wird die Cloud zu Ihrer Cloud?

Muss man sich wirklich zwischen hohem Datenschutz oder globalen Cloudanbietern entscheiden?

Contracts are good - control is better!


  • Calculable costs,
  • savings potential,
  • Security/Availability and
  • extreme flexibility

these are the arguments for cloud solutions.

Customers also expect their Managed Service Providers (MSPs) or their internal IT to effectively protect and manage their data in the face of ever-increasing and differentiated data volumes. The global public cloud is not necessarily the ideal solution.
On the other hand, there are always new data scandals and new global economic constellations that demand higher data protection, local control over data and compliance with the DSGVO for customers and service providers.

Do you really have to choose between high data protection or global cloud providers?
We think no and want to show a way how ecosystem partners of EMC HostCo can solve this for customers.

How safe is the cloud really?
Which parts of your digital business processes are 100% in your hands?

In the cloud age, business management needs to know exactly what others shouldn't know about your business.
An ideal solution for secure cloud operations would be to combine a local cloud and a local cloud storage solution with a local data center operator.
It is also crucial that the data center is operated by a national or even local provider and owner (at least within the EU area).
It is desirable that other local private cloud solution providers also offer their services in the so-called "onepatchaway" procedure on the respective data center campus.

In reality, at least all business-critical digital processes and data (and this should be accurately classified) should be operated in such an environment.

Because only then are the cloud and the data center really and exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the respective country . And access to the data is manageable and controllable.
Other solutions often only provide protection on paper, but rarely when "it gets serious".
An article of the Süddeutsche Zeitung dated 06.05.2019 on the Cloud Act adopted by the US government in 2018 and its consequences for the data of German customers processed by American cloud providers is interesting.
In our opinion, this law is contrary to the GDPR and European data protection.


Source: EMC HostCo

How flexible and promising are cloud solutions really?

The world of cloud solutions is highly dynamic. What is the ideal and cost-effective solution today is often not tomorrow.
In addition to the necessity of a local or national German data center in our opinion, the real 100% code compatibility with various, even global cloud providers is a basic requirement.

Is the cloud cheaper on the bottom line?

Only in the appropriate IT and ICT environment and with the corresponding basic infrastructure can the advantages of different cloud solutions be meaningfully and effectively used. Above all, this is the only way to really realize the cost advantage.

Is my company really able to leverage cloud solutions and their benefits?

As a rule, this question can only be answered by a basic infrastructure analysis.
Simply booking storage, computing or other services in a cloud will certainly not be productive and will quickly lead to a decrease in transparency within a company's digital processes.

What is 100% code compatibility in the cloud environment and why is it so important?

For example, our ecosystem partner Cloudian offers a good example of the optimal use of cloud solutions in the area of ​​corporate data stocks: Thanks
to DSGVO compliance with the Cloudian solution, a company can now freely integrate public clouds into its storage environments and at the same time the strict German Meet privacy standards.
In this context, many MSPs, for example, find that conventional block and file storage systems can not keep up with today's demands, and therefore rely on object storage solutions - similar to the large global cloud vendors.

Local and yet global:

Unlimited scalability, full S3 compatibility and advanced data management

Our ecosystem partner Cloudian is a leading object storage specialist with a broad range of solutions from MSP, national carriers, city carriers, resellers and data center operators. Working with Cloudian, we provide cost-effective solutions that not only enable customers to handle this flood of data, but also provide the necessary storage foundation for the growing adoption of cloud-native applications.

  • Unlimited Scalability: As an object-storage-based solution, Cloudian relies on a flat file system that can grow indefinitely. Unlike many other object stores that require new users to provide more nodes or capacities than was initially required, our system allows customers to start small and then grow. If users need more capacity, they can simply add another node to the cluster, and that capacity becomes part of the available storage pool.

  • Multi-tenancy : We provide isolated storage environments through Cloudian in a shared system to ensure data security. In addition, its solution includes billing and quality of service (QoS) functionality to help meet performance SLAs. Built-in File Storage: To support the HyperStore platform's file services, Cloudian offers HyperFile software with a comprehensive Network Attached Storage (NAS) feature set, including high availability, multi-protocol support, snapshots, and WORM (writeonceread multiple). An ideal storage solution for media companies or healthcare professionals.

  • Cost savings of over 50%: Reducing investment costs and avoiding costly and time-consuming data migrations can reduce archiving costs by more than 50% compared to NAS and tape-based systems.

One solution for all?

With our ecosystem partner Cloudian, we offer an ideal storage solution for German MSPs and corporate ITs who want to develop or extend their cloud services.

At our data center campus under purely German jurisdiction, we ensure compliance with national data protection laws or even changed security requirements.

And at a lower cost than what you would expect from public cloud service providers.

For more MSP or ISP-related case studies or specific media or healthcare solutions, feel free to contact us at homeofhousing@emc-hostco.de .

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