Certifications and awards

ISO 9001

Standard to ensure the quality of services


Data center for IT systems



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In 2018 we also extended our standard range to DIN ISO 9001 and successfully obtained the certificate.

This standard has for many years been the decisive standard for the highest quality standards in the service sector and in industry, not only in the German economy but worldwide.

With the growing number of international and publicly quoted customers, the inclusion of this standard has become an important part of EMC's policy.

ISO 27001

The industry standard for IT security

EMC Host Co has been certified to the industry standard ISO 27001 since 2012.



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ISO 27001 is the leading international standard for information management systems.

It applies to private and public enterprises as well as non-profit organizations and defines the requirements for the implementation, implementation, monitoring and improvement of an information management system (IMS).

Our ISO 27001 certification also serves as an important building block for the ISO and BSI certifications of our customers.

QSCert Special Award

For outstanding results in the following areas:

  • IT Security Management
  • risk management
  • operational safety
  • Quality and standardization



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QSCert Special Award

Since 2012, EMC HostCo has been returning to the industry standard ISO 27001.

As part of a recertification, the company was again in late 2017 for the following areas:

  • IT Security Management
  • risk management
  • operational safety
  • Quality and standardization

awarded a so-called Special Award *.

* The Special Award is awarded once a year by QSCert to the best national customers.

DIN EN 50600

Technology and infrastructure of the highly available IT data center

Classification system

  • Availability class VK3
  • Protection class SK 1-4
  • Energy efficiency GN 3



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Certificate DIN EN 50600: 2012

Since 2018, EMC HostCo has also been certified to the new industry standard for data centers, DIN EN 50600 .

This standard, which covers the construction and operation of data centers, defines availability classes, defines security zones, and qualifies data center efficiency.

We are proud to be one of the first data centers in Germany to successfully certify and operate our data center in accordance with this standard.


Confirmed by the German Central Bank

The EMC HostCo has been rated eligible for the third consecutive year by the Bundesbank.

The Bundesbank has now awarded EMC HostCo the quality seal " eligible " after 2017 and 2018 in 2019 as well.

We consider this confirmation the highest possible award from the financial sector for German companies.


The rating "eligible" is given to companies as part of a comprehensive credit analysis that identifies their creditworthiness.


Economic business stability

EMC HostCo will receive the CrefoZert certificate in 2019 for the fourth time in a row



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‍CrefoZert Certifikate for 2018

With the CrefoZert certificate, EMC HostCo GmbH documents its exceptional position in terms of economic stability in the German data center operator industry.

The objective proof of this is provided by Creditreform AG in an annual test procedure in which the following conditions must be fulfilled in a positive manner:

  • The Creditreform credit rating index must be between 100 and 249.
  • Balance sheet creditworthiness is rated CR7 or better.
  • The annual financial statements analysis must be based on annual financial statements that are less than 10 months from the date of preparation of the balance sheet.
  • Survey of the company with regard to the current situation and the future prospects does not reveal significant credit risks.

Only 1.7% * of all German companies fulfill these conditions. The EMC HostCo belongs to this small circle. (* Source Creditreform AG)

Energy from hydropower

100% TÜV tested

Regional green electricity from TÜV certified, Bavarian and Austrian hydroelectric power plants.



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Eco-Electricity Certificate ESB

Our data centers combine a large number of servers in the smallest possible space. This leads to concentrated, but in total very high power consumption.

This high level of power consumption enables data center operators to make an active contribution to environmental protection.

The EMC HostCo GmbH sees itself here clearly in the responsibility and operates its facilities, and the tens of thousands of servers connected to their customers exclusively with regional green electricity from TÜV certified, Bavarian and Austrian hydroelectric power plants.

We are proud of our pioneering role in this field. We were the first data center operator * to operate its data center space exclusively with TÜV certified green electricity.

(* Source E.ON Bayern)